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Spoken in English and in Italian

Number of participants limited to 30

VOICING© addresses to everybody who feels like knowing oneself and is sensitive to the phenomenon of sound or have problems with it.
It is especially suited for therapists, doctors, medical and social operators, managers, lawyers, teachers, media and PR people, actors, singers and musicians.

VOICING© in fact teaches how to rehabilitate the capacity of recognizing the vibratory phenomenon of all inner experiences and how to express them through the voice. This resolves psychological hindrances and physical blockages. It's a great source of healing and enriches the possibilities of expression, thus of communication. Above all it reopen the avenue towards one's own most precious truth, one's own soul.
It is based on the understanding and the experience of how the song has a power for transmission and for transformation, if practiced in a certain way.
What an unexpected relief to discover that the fears, emotional and physical blocks, negative judgments, pains and wounds will heal and come to a resolution through a creative act!
The singing therefore brings the dissolution of the problem through an experience of celebration and creativity!
In this work nobody is out of tune, nobody is inadequate and nothing is discarded but everything is inquired and processed through the voice.
VOICING© reactivate all the facets of the auditory modality of perception revealing the effects on the human system of the expression of sound, especially of the song, but also the effects of the listening of the external sounds (music, sounds, noises, human voices etc.)
It's a teaching that also complete the therapeutic knowledge about emotions, breath and body and offers a bridge between the psychological realms and those of Essence.
VOICING© in particular is helping to recapture a deep sense of Being and offers some tools for expressing and interacting in the world without inhibitions and hesitations but with the authenticity, the immediacy and the responsibility for oneself that derives when one is in contact with his heart-full uniqueness.

This Training of VOICING© PRACTITIONER takes place ca. 3 years, resulting in 96 days of group process and 30 days of assistance.
You can participate if you have attended one introductory group and it has been suggested to you to continue this work.

The first two years of the Training are experiential and will cover extensively the various aspect and layers of human consciousness from the 1st to the 7th Chakra. At the end of this process you will receive the Certification of Participation.
The last year will be mainly devoted to teaching therapeutic skills and to practicing, under supervision, individual and group processes.
Between the Training Groups follow-up meetings with certified VOICING© Practitioners will be organized in different locations so that the participants will have the possibility to integrate and deepen the experiences and the learning.
The students will be suggested a plan of assistance to Introductory groups of VOICING© (ca. 30 days) according to their availability and geographic location.
During this period the student needs to have given at least 25 individual practice sessions and have facilitated at least 5 group meetings of minimum 2 hours.

At the completion of this VOICING© TRAINING, including the number of days of assistance required, and after passing the final test, you will receive the diploma of VOICING© PRACTITIONER which qualifies you to use the word VOICING© for sessions and Introductory VOICING© groups of maximum 2 1/2 days.
This diploma doesn't authorize you to facilitate meetings of VOICING© of more then 2 1/2 days, neither the use of structures, processes and names alike or similar or inspired to those from the VOICING© PRACTITIONER TRAINING.

To be able to transmit verbally or in written-audio-or video form and to facilitate and teach such material of knowledge you will need to have completed the VOICING© MASTER.

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