Pratibha de Stoppani

Pratibha’s interest in voice and sound began in 1974 in the rainforests of Latin America while involved in pre-Columbian anthropology and did experiential research into shamanism.
The power and secrets of the human voice and sounds started to be revealed to her during these transformative experiences.
Returning to Europe she continued to explore sound, voice and language and attended several sound-voice workshop (Grotowsky Laboratorium, Roy Hart Theater Group, Jill Purce, Frédérick Leboyer, Savitry Nayr, etc.) without really finding the answers and the confrontations she was looking for.
At that time she started her involvement in humanistic psychology and her connection with the teachings of a Sufi tradition and Taoism.
Finally the urgency to find a living spiritual Master, whose vision and techniques were geared to the complexities of modern man, led her to Osho in India in 1976.
At the end of the same year, in India, she gave birth to her daughter, combining Osho’s direct guidance with the natural birthing instruction from Frédérick Leboyer. Subsequently she learned personally from Leboyer his approach of the use of voice in birth preparation: this led to her own work in the field of natural childbirth preparation.
Since then, she has been trained in many psychological and spiritual therapies like emotional-, breath- and bodywork, bio-energetics, Psychic Massage, healing techniques, t’ai chi, hypnosis, Esoteric Science and Essence Work (Diamond Logos) of which she is a teacher.
She has integrated her discoveries and experiences with Osho’s vision of spiritual awakening to create her own unique transformational approach she called VOICING©.

Nowadays Pratibha facilitates groups and teaches Training all over the world.

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