9. Module:
I INTERNSHIP: Session-giving (5 days)

During this meeting we will devote special attention to the capacity of mastering the voice on the different ranges and qualities to reach, eventually, the ability to guide the participant(s) in the vocal area that they need to explore.
We will practice voice-reading and learn how to integrate it in a VOICING© session.
You will be given teachings on what you need to learn for being able to give a session and which are the fundamental elements that need to be always present.
You will be given demonstrations of how to facilitate a session and you will receive explanation of why certain choices have been made.
We will summarize and practice how to activate energetically the different layers also through body -movement, exercises and dance.

Between the 1st and the 2nd Internship you will be asked to do at least 10 individual sessions with volunteers (at least 5 different ones) and bring a written report of each of them.

10. Module:
II INTERNSHIP: INTEGRATION AND THERAPY (9 days)                                   (with guest therapist - Tarika)

The first 5 days you will be with Tarika for a process touching your involvement in becoming a therapist, your motivations, your hidden agendas and also looking into the mechanisms of projections, and how to keep your integrity.
In the light of what you will learn you will also find the space to ask questions that might have come up during the sessions that you have done so far.
The remaining 4 days we will go through your notes regarding the 10 sessions you have been asked to give and discuss what has come up for you during these experiences.
You will then give sessions to guest "patients" whom we will purposefully invite. One of you is giving the session and one is supervising and taking notes. I will of course also supervise the sessions and eventually we will discuss about them.
The last part will be devoted to giving you some guidance regarding leading a group and to which are the elements of group dynamics.

Between the 2nd and the 3rd Internship you are asked to facilitate at least 2 Introduction of VOICING© of ca.2 hours for a group of minimum 6 volunteers and write a report about it. You need to continue with individual session practice and written report ( minimum 10).
You are also asked to start searching for a selection or different songs and music that would be appropriate for the various situation of the work.

11. Module:
III INTERNSHIP: Group-leading (5 days)

After the II INTERNSHIP you will receive a written report about your performance of session-giver.
During this workshop you will be asked to facilitate a 1,30 hour Introduction of VOICING© which implies: verbal explanation, vocal demonstration, and conduction of an experiential journey through the chakras.
The participants of these mini-groups will be the other trainees and a few volunteers especially invited to participate and give feed-backs.
At the end of each group we will give feedback and further teachings.
For this workshop you are also asked to present a selection of music and songs and you will be asked to say for which different group situations and chakra layers you consider them appropriate. Comments will be followed.
You will also be given to listen several pieces of music and songs and you will be asked to describe for which use they would be appropriate.
Besides you will be asked to demonstrate the CHAKRA JIBBERISH and CHAKRA SINGERISH in front of the others and we will comment about it.

Between the 3rd and 4th Internship you will be asked facilitate at least 3 more Introductions of VOICING© of minimum 2 hours for a group of minimum 6 volunteers and write a report each time.
You also need to continue with the individual session practice and written report (minimum 5).

12. Module:
IV INTERNSHIP: Group-leading (5 days)

After the III Internship you will receive a written report about your group-leading performance.
This workshop is devoted to sharpen the therapeutic skills and work on the vocal uncertainties especially in reference to your previous performances and reports. You will be given a format for the conduction of a 2 days Introductory VOICING© group.
More information will be passed on about the accurate verbalization when addressing to a client/group.

After the IV INTERNSHIP you will receive a feedback about your situation and suggestions of how to continue working in order to prepare yourself for the final test.

13. Module:

For passing the test you need to show mastery of the voice on all the ranges and qualities of sound, related to the different bodies.
You need to recognize in the client's voice the signals that enable you to proceed in the work.
You need to know which body exercises and voice suggestions are to be used to activate different dimensions in the client.
Similarly your attention and accuracy on body- breath-voice patterns and languages will be evaluated.
You will be tested also on your verbal skills and knowledge about facilitating sessions and groups.
Some of you might be asked to perform a session or a group meeting.
The evaluation for the Diploma depends also on the unfolding of the learning in general and on the elements related also to the previous INTERNSHIPS and on your commitment to become a VOICING© PRACTITIONER.



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