1. Module:

The bigger the house we want to build, the deeper we need to dig and anchor its foundations.
Most of our insecurities, in fact, derive from a lack of contact with the ground under our feet and with all what this represents on other levels.
Similarly, to rediscover our voice, we need to start by reactivating our original lifeforce and strength that is at the base of our Being.
Bringing back our attention to our body, towards the earth, and reactivating this contact, allows to reconnect our energy to its source; a source that nobody can take away from us.
This attention to our body is also bringing up the conditioning that the body is against spiritual achievement.
From the acknowledgment of this misunderstanding we will rediscover the dimension of sacredness of our body - our temple - and of matter: the substance that has enabled us to be here as human beings.
We will find ways to reorganize our energetic flow through various grounding exercises.
In this way we will reach the trust in the earth, cruising through the fear of falling and of not being able to make it in life.
We will also face the fear of abuse both through receiving or expressing physical violence and with the support of the newly acquired solidity, courage and love for our body, we will be able to give appreciation for our physical strength and enjoy its dimension.

On the voice level it is an immersion into the lowest and most unknown tones of our voice reaching into the dimension that will help us to give depth and substance to our voice and will give the base for proceeding upwards.
This strength creates the necessary support to be able to open up to our feelings without being overwhelmed by them and to be able to act in the world maintaining our integrity and dignity and respect for our body.
It also gives the valid support to enter into deep meditation.

Another theme we will confront is the need of identification with a group that we carry with us, (ethnic, geographical, religious group), culture, nation, etc. which nowadays is very much under pressure and presents contradictory realities, creating lot of violent reactions, sense of lost-ness and insecurity.
This brings up issues related to our origins as human beings, our survival instinct and fears, fear of being stupid or gross, not smart enough etc.
Through this opening we will taste again the beauty of the shamanic power and wisdom that was those of our ancestors.
The Essential qualities that we are activating are the red, white, grey and black.


Having reactivated and strengthened our roots and our body awareness, we can now rediscover the vulnerable yet powerful dimension of our feelings.
It is a vast domain often time very new and fearful since it has remained quite unknown due to an education that not only didn't support and teach us how to deal with this field but most of the time it has condemned it.
Feeling and accepting our emotions is an art that we want to relearn in order to feel more vital, pulsating and complete and in contact with our deepest truth.
The emotional body is a gift that existence has given to humanity and is the base of our creativity.
It is therefore very important to allow ourselves to vibrate with the complexity and the variety of our feelings to be able to open our voice and song to qualities of passion, intensity and enveloping, nourishing warmth.
During this next meeting we will also devote our attention to the effects of the consonants on our system and specifically with their connection with the emotions and their expression.

3. Module:

We are ready now to touch more vulnerable, intimate and hidden layers of our feeling-body and find the appropriate way to express and transform them through the singing.
The exploration of the repercussions of your name will bring you through the different levels of your personal history and reach to the meaning of the original sounds that compose your name and tap into the essential quality of your soul and your mission on earth.
This connection allows you to vibrate with your more authentic and unique reality and discover the magic of the meaning of sounds.

4. Module:

During the first part of this meeting we will learn how to deal with our emotions in relation to the others and to the world: not only how to feel and sustain them (like we discovered in the past 2 groups) but also how to interact with the other's without loosing our integrity and dignity.
Bringing consciousness into how we have created strategies in order to survive, in order to be accepted and to avoid fear, will reveal our power trips, our judgments and necessity of being always superior and successful even if we think we don't. Without being connected with the real source of power we are in constant struggle pursuing an image that is socially considered. Being so busy polishing that image and being underneath terrified of not being able to make it, we have forgotten who we really are.
Understanding this dynamic enables us to see the social construct like a sheer game where gaining or loosing are the extremes of the same polarity that unable the game.
We will learn that is possible to embrace failure, weakness and vulnerability and we will discover how this brings back dignity and power.
We will understand the ancient Sufi saying: "being in the world but not of the world".
The Essential Qualities, which will be activated are: decisiveness, will, assertiveness, originality, courage, joy, exuberance, enthusiasm, single pointed-ness, etc.
You will also discover that the ultimate power resides in the capacity to dwell in our Being.
It is an important step also for the voice since it deals with the diaphragm which calibrate our power and direction in the sound and capability of being loud, assertive and in full command when it's needed by the situation.

During the last 5 days we will enter the dimensions of the 4th Chakra: love, acceptance, self-acceptance, reciprocity, tenderness, sweetness, compassion. Through exposing what has closed, repressed and distorted our original loving nature, we can taste again the tender, innocent, vulnerable playfulness in which we were all bathed in as young children.
Love is vibrating beyond the realm of duality, giving a sense of great acceptance: it is a big YES to ourselves and reverence towards Existence.
Love operates as an extraordinary chemistry for healing and is the essential ingredient for all kind of therapies.
We will discover that in the simplicity of the heart lies the wisdom that is beyond the mind.
Through the techniques of VOICING©, combined with movements and breathing exercises, we will penetrate through the various layers of the ego structure that encapsulate and suffocate the heart to attain to the dimensions of Essential love: from wanting love to allowing and cultivating love.
We will also devote sometimes to the development of intuition and to the capacity of synchronizing with other people's hearts: these so-called extra-sensory perceptions are also related to the activation of the 4th Chakra.
Through the singing celebration of love we will touch the silences of our Heart and realize that Love is the Essence of Meditation (and vice-versa).

5. Module:
FOLLOW-UP (4 days)

During these 4 days we will give the opportunity to deepen what has been done so far and give more space for integration.
We will refine the communication skills and look into the more common mistakes that create so much conflicts and misunderstanding.
More work will be devoted to listening exercises and to mastering the voice.


6. Module:

We have been already looking into the limits of expression that we have been creating for ourselves through outside imposition and for the need of adaptation in order to survive and function at a social level.
The opening of the heart-Chakra has given the sense of the reality beyond the limits of our ego that will reflect itself in the way we then express ourselves.
During this group we will draw our attention especially to the aspect of authenticity versus falsity in the realm of communication and how we betray our inner truth.
As usual the way we proceed is to bring light and understanding to the parts that have been condemned and pushed into the unconscious and to why we adopt modes of falsity.
This is generally achieved by giving expressive space to all those parts, to the point of exaggeration and caricature until we can reach the authentic longing towards the divine dimension of our real authenticity.

We will look attentively into the structure of our beliefs in relation with the various Chakras and we will discover how the singing voice can have the power of freeing ourselves from the slavery of the beliefs. The 5th Chakra is in fact the metaphysical location of all the beliefs, which basically are the foundation on which runs the show of our life drama.

The 5th Chakra is also the door to the freedom that replaces the need of explanations, instructions and guidance from the outside with the inner sense of one's own guide and one's own responsibility. It also gives a sense of trust in chaos and not-knowing.

Vibrating in the 5th Chakra means understanding that we are the only creator of our own life and, integrating this realization, we can open the door to the infinite creative potential that is in each of us.

The last 5 days will be devoted to deal more specifically with the Domains of Essence (also called Being) according to the paradigm of Faisal Muqqaddam (Diamond Logos) and Hamid Almaas (Diamond Approach).
This approach describes in a very precise and exhaustive way the intricate relationship between Ego and Essence and offers a clear understanding of how and why the ego developed.
It teaches how to actualize a conversion of 180º to bring us back to the dimensions of Essence from and through all the layers of personality. This is a longing that consciously or unconsciously everybody has since it is the primary task of the ego but also its profound dilemma.
During this workshop we will use this map to understand the parallel between the individuation of what is called the Point of Light and the alienation of the ego development.
This approach fits perfectly with and gives a complementary understanding to VOICING©.
VOICING© in fact is based on the experience of the singing voice as a great vehicle bridging the personality structure with the qualities of Essence.

The introduction to this knowledge gives you a map that will facilitate your inner journey and will give you precious tools for how to work with people adding clarity, precision and a new understanding to the realizations that we have reached so far.

7. Module:

The 6th Chakra group is about awareness and the faculty of being in direct contact with our inner guidance. We will activate the area of the 3rd eye and learn about the various meditations techniques involving sound.
During the 7 days devoted to the Subtle Bodies and Sound we will go through all the chakra again focusing on the subtle energetic experiences and on the perceptions of the inner effect of sounds.
In this way we will balance the work that we have done so far that was directed mainly towards the expression.
Throughout this meeting we will enhance the depth of the sound and we will become more present to the inner and subtle effects of sound in the various chakra-centers. We will thus be able to express and direct sound in a very precise way, both in ourselves and towards others to re-establish activation and harmony and awareness.

8. Module:

During this meeting we will start to work on the cellular sensitivity to sounds with particular listening techniques, trance, and sound exercises on the various organs and physical ailments using either the voice, in the similar way we did for the chakras in the last group, and with sounds of instruments (like gongs, chimes, unusual percussion instruments and shakers) and tuning forks of different vibrations.
We will also go 3 days in the mountains, to the Palazzo Armonici where we will make a full immersion - facilitated by our preparation to sound sensitivity - in the world of extraordinary sounds like millenary Chinese and Balinese gongs and bells, Tibetan bowls, harmonic harps and so on.
We will also be initiated to overtones singing technique.



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